The many reasons why you should pick this template

Showcase to show off your most majestic work in full bleed slideshows. This is our clients’ most popular pick out of all our templates. And here's why.


Right off the bat, this is a complete website template that fits in with any line of work. Photographers, designers and artisans alike can use this platform to display their work and build better bridges with their clients through a balanced ratio of content and images.

It all starts with a stunning homepage featuring a full-bleed slideshow for your projects' ambassadors - the defining works in your portfolio. You can leave this page in the current setting and allow your clients to roam freely around your site, or you can choose to link each image to the gallery it belongs. It's up to you to set the tempo for your visitors' discovery adventure.

The about page oozes neatly structured information - a subtle mirror of the entire website. Speaking of which, perhaps this is the best time to draw focus on the choice in font and its color. After all, it makes up for a big part of the website content! It's soft and unobtrusive, smooth on the readers' eyes and sort of like a cozy blanket of information. One that you can take with you on any mobile device.

"Bathe in the reverent praise of your clients! Share their acclaim on testimonial blocks like this one. Use big cursive letters!"

Use as much or as little content you want and engage with your clients in all and any way you desire. Get personal and emphatic on them, talk about your concepts, your inspiration and your ambitions, kind of like counselor Troi in Star Trek TNG. Or be sincere and logical, mention the facts, the equipment, the raw data, be Vulcan-like, live long and prosper. Or better yet, be yourself and stay true to your beliefs. That's where this website template truly shines: in portraying you as the talented and hard-working professional that you are.

These are the many reasons why you should pick Showcase as the template for your online personal space, but it really comes down to what's best for you. So go on, give it a try, play with this template a bit and see if it's the answer to all of your needs, or if it's more than that.